In Africa

For the African market our brands include the highly porpular Kericho Gold and Baraka Chai range of teas, which are currently the brands of choice in Kenya and increasingly in the East African region. To Shop in South Africa Click Here

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Our portfolio of brands in the UK include Typhoo, Ridgeways, Heath & Heather, London Fruit and Herb, Brooke Bond D, Brooke Bond Choicest, Lift, Melrose, Red Mountain Coffee and recently launched Jewels, which is the UK's fastest selling Chocolate Coated Macadamia brand.

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Spice Tea Earl Grey Tea English Breakfast Tea      
Ginger & Lemon Sweet Camomile Lemon & Lime Strawberry & Vanilla Raspberry Blackcurrant
Peach Blueberry Sweet Peppermint Apple & Cinamon Orange Spice  
Green Tea & Jasmine Green Tea & Blackcurrant Green Tea & Raspberry Green Tea Green Tea & Peach Green Tea & Orange